Our Calling is a Christian discipleship ministry for the unsheltered homeless in Dallas that provides support services necessary for survival and recovery from a life on the streets. The organization’s goal is to help individuals develop a sustainable lifestyle with integrity and accountability through long-term discipleship and transformative relationships.

The homeless rate in Dallas is growing at a faster rate than 95% of the Country. Over the past five years, the number of unsheltered homeless has risen by 500%. Four out of five of homeless individuals in Dallas are unsheltered. They sleep on the streets, under bridges, and behind dumpsters.

Our Calling identifies 226 new homeless individuals each month, and receive 6,700 referrals for assistance each week. Last year, they served 90,823 meals, distributed 100,074 resource items, provided 4,231 one-one-sessions, and received 15,864 hotline calls. Each week, they place an average of 30 homeless individuals into transitional housing facilities, rehabilitation centers, or reunite them with family.

We are pleased to partner with Our Calling on the building of a Women’s Center on the second floor of the facility exclusively for female homeless guests. On average, an unsheltered homeless woman is assaulted once a week and many of the women have an abusive homeless male counterpart. The drop-in center will be managed by trauma informed staff and volunteers, and partner agencies that offer women’s services. The area will also be equipped with features that help provide an extra layer of protection for the women including escape routes, safe rooms, and a secured entrance with shatter-resistant glass. Our Calling estimates there are nearly 2,400 unsheltered homeless women in Dallas every night. By isolating the women from the male population, they expect to see a significant increase in the number of women seeking refuge and in services provided.