How do I get an application?

Beginning in 2023, the Foundation is using a new cloud-based grant management software solution from Foundant Technologies.  Applicants will be re-directed to the online log-in portal from this website via the “Grant Application” link.  You will establish an account and logon credentials, then complete and submit the application all online.  Your application form,  all supporting documents plus all communications and follow-ups will be stored on the site.  We believe you will find the new process streamlined and very easy to use!

How much should I request?

Applicants should request what they need. However, potential applicants should review Recent Awards, also available on our website, to get a sense of the size of grants we typically award.

  • Partial awards are common. Therefore, if a partial award would be beneficial, it is important to state that in the application. Also, providing a breakdown of costs in the detail project/program budget gives the Grant Committee greater flexibility to fund your request at some level.
  • Historically, the Foundation has not funded 100% of a project cost. Successful applicants document well thought out plans for financing and sustaining a project, including alternative sources of funding, and a commitment on the part of the organization to invest in and support the project through fundraising, contributions, and volunteer efforts.
What type of grants does the Foundation support?

The Foundation awards grants to support the strategic mission of the Diocese of Dallas, including development of new and existing churches, schools, and ministries.  The Foundation also supports organizations and programs that address food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, and health insecurity.

May non-Episcopal entities apply, and are there any special requirements, if so?

Non-Episcopal entities may apply for funding from the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas.  The entity’s values must be consistent with the mission and teachings of the Episcopal Church, and only grant applications that address the funding priorities of homelessness, food insecurity, poverty, or health insecurity will be considered.

May I apply for a multi-year grant?
The Foundation may approve multi-year grants. However, over the past several years, the Board has tended to grant only a single year of funding for multi-year requests and ask submitting organizations to reapply the next year.
If I received a grant last year, may I reapply this year?
Yes, however those organizations that have received significant awards within the previous year may be de- prioritized.
If I was turned down for a grant last year, may I reapply this year?
Yes. Year to year, the amount of grant money available as well as the number and type of grant applications received varies. We encourage you to review the Foundation’s Funding Priorities to ensure your grant request is aligned with the Foundation’s strategic direction.  If you have questions please call or email to discuss ways that you might strengthen your request based on feedback from the Grant Committee’s prior year review.
What should I include in the Narrative Summary for the Grant request?
In general, applicants seeking grant funds from the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas should address the following items, either in the detailed Narrative Summary or other supporting documents.

  • Document financial planning for the project/program with detailed project budgets, outside bids, invoices, purchase orders, price lists, or other objective data.
  • Document your organization’s financial accountability by providing financial statements and operating budgets.
  • Demonstrate the organization’s commitment to accomplish and sustain the project/program; for example a. willingness to raise funds, use of volunteers to save money, amount of money already raised and set aside, parishioners willing to donate professional services.
  • Demonstrate the impact (in terms of people served, mission, community outreach, etc.) that the completed project/program will have.
  • Document that funds awarded by the Foundation will be used in a timely manner by attaching a timeline of project completion, or timeline for use of EFD fund.