Agape Resource & Assistance Center was founded in 2013 to provide safe, stable housing and transformational support services to homeless single women, moms and their children. Agape is one of the few shelters that serves Plano/Collin County. Since it’s founding, Agape has grown from one home with two beds and a crib to five homes, serving up to 10 families. In the next two years, Agape will expand to nine homes serving up to 20 families. Agape has provided housing and hope to more than 270 women and children through safe housing, developmental childcare, workforce and financial education, budget coaching, transportation assistance, counseling and access to health care. The average income at entry is $23K/yr, well below the poverty level. The average stay is one year. More than 75% of participants graduate with an average income of $30K-$50K/year.

Agape created Housing4Hope (H4H), a transitional housing & Empowerment Support program, to proactively address the overwhelming impact of situational homelessness on women & children.  While housing is critical, Agape believes it is only the first step on the journey towards stability for our Agape families.  H4H provides a holistic, 2 generational approach that focuses on the healing & growth of the children & empowers each woman to find & use her voice. H4H is a proven, accountability-based program, providing customized services to each family, empowering them to overcome barriers to stability.

H4H provides a client-centered approach, built on 5 Pillars of Support:

1.Housing-Provide stable, transitional housing & address barriers to renting such as credit, evictions.

2.Developmental Childcare-Facilitate achieving age-appropriate academic & developmental levels; increase the wellbeing of the child to help them heal from trauma & adverse experiences. This “child first” focus lifts the entire family & facilitates permanent transformation.

3.Education to Higher Income-Increase vocational training/education, expand workforce skills/credentials, or certifications, opening opportunities to higher paying jobs with potential for upward mobility.  Assist with credit rebuilding & provide financial education/coaching to increase financial literacy & budgeting skills.

4.Transportation-Over half of our families do not have transportation. Agape assists in securing driver’s licenses, car repairs, & provides loaner cars.

5.Health/Wellness-Support the physical & mental wellbeing through on-site counseling, life skills.  Assist with costs of doctors, treatment, & medications.  Counseling & therapy are provided to women & children to build self-esteem & develop trauma coping skills.  This emotional support system helps them envision an independent future with hope.

Agape has 10 years of proven success, empowering women with education, life skills, & confidence to be self-sufficient, & helping children understand their future is not defined by their past.  Over 75% of Agape participants graduate with higher paying vocational jobs, allowing them to support & provide stability for their children, breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness.