Julia’s Center for Healthcareproviding quality healthcare, education, and advocacy with dignity and compassion to the residents of Collin County who are uninsured or underserved.

Julia’s Center for Healthcare opened in February 2016 and is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization serving the indigent & uninsured population of Collin County. We provide basic medical care for patients that have non-emergency medical problems. Their priority is to provide access to and medical care for the working poor uninsured adults in Collin County during the evening hours; and to address the social determinants of health, specifically referrals for food insecurity, housing, rent and utilities.

Other social determinants of health and community resources needed that are assessed with each patient at every clinic appointment are ESL, dental, eye, childcare, PAP Smear, mammogram, mental health, clothing, education, and prayer.  Some of Julia’s Center’s patients come from the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, namely, Holy Family in McKinney and Iglesia Episcopal de la Santa Natividad in Plano.

Patients are seen by appointment only. There is no charge for the clinic services, however, patients may be asked for a donation, to offset costs of lab or diabetic supplies if they require them.  The demographics in Plano are changing and the clinic is seeing an increase in the number of homeless patients.  Individuals who are homeless have pride and are reluctant to seek medical care and other resources. Hospital Emergency Departments have become the primary source of care for them which is costing the hospital and community. Julia’s Center met with the Emergency Department and a Case Manager at Medical City Plano to refer patients to Julia’s Center for follow-up medical care for the homeless along with and other medically uninsured patients discharged from the hospital.  For the past few years, Julia’s Center has received referrals from the hospital for patients discharged with diabetes.

Currently there are 10 volunteer Providers, 8 RNs, 1 Chaplin, 1 Social Worker, and each week 2-3 administrative volunteers and 3-6 general volunteers.