Investment Management

For over 70 years, the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas has enabled effective endowment management for the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and its churches, schools, missions, and faith-based organizations who seek to honor the past and build the future. We offer a disciplined, consistent and long-term approach to endowment investment management which ensures the health of your parish.  

As a 501(c)3 organization, we are here to make the Episcopalian and Dallas communities stronger. Our management fees are only used to cover our costs and are put back into the community through our grant program.  The more we grow, the fewer fees are charged. By investing with us, you are not only investing in the well-being of your parish, but in the ministries that benefit the larger community.


We offer resources to help church leaders learn about and grow endowment and investment funds.  We have experts who can provide sample policies, information about governance, and assist you in structuring your fund(s) to meet your strategic goals.    

Our Team:

We work with Vanguard which is one of the world’s largest, leading institutional asset managers.  They offer various investment strategies for both large and small organizations.  We invest with Vanguard because of their low-cost ETF’s and their active managers continually out-perform their peers.  

Financial Security:

We help churches and establish and sustain effective planned giving programs, offer guidance on endowment growth through new gifts, and offer other resources for interested donors







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