Grant Overview

In addition to providing investment services, the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas (the “Foundation”) offers direct financial support to the Diocesan community through an annual grant program benefiting parishes, schools, and other not-for-profit agencies throughout the Dallas Diocese.

Any Episcopal church, school, agency or other not-for-profit organization located within the Diocese of Dallas, whose work is consistent with the mission of the Foundation and the Diocese, may apply for a grant from the Foundation.

The Foundation prioritizes grants to support its mission of partnering wise investments and purposeful giving within the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, including development of new and existing churches, schools, missions, and ministries.

The Foundation also supports organizations and programs that are focused on mission-related projects, social outreach and other creative programs that strengthen our community and improve lives, and which support basic human needs in these areas:

  • Food Insecurity – organizations and social outreach programs that provide food to underserved populations
  • Homelessness – organizations that work to prevent homelessness, provide emergency shelter or temporary housing, and facilitate collaboration among service providers
  • Poverty –organizations that work to break the cycle of poverty with resources, referrals and services that strengthen families and neighborhoods.
  • Health Insecurity – organizations that provide free/low cost healthcare, including mental healthcare.

Grants are awarded once a year. Applications are accepted beginning in February. The grant application deadline is March 31. If March 31 falls on a weekend, the deadline is the next business day.

New in 2023.  In 2023 the Foundation began using a new cloud-based grant management software solution from Foundant Technologies.  Applicants are re-directed to the online log-in portal from this website via the “Grant Application” link.  Applications,  all supporting documents plus all communications and follow-ups will be stored on the site.  We believe you will find the new process streamlined and very easy to use!


If you are considering applying for a Foundation grant, please carefully review the following items for guidance:

  • Grant Policy outlines the eligibility requirements and application process including the deadline for applying.
  • FAQ answers common questions and offers tips for preparing a successful application.
  • Recent Awards provides information on grants awarded, offering insights into the types of projects the Foundation has supported.

In addition to reviewing these items for guidance, you are also welcome to contact the Foundation to discuss the feasibility and appropriateness of requests and for assistance in completing the application.