Grant Overview

In addition to providing investment services, the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas offers direct financial support to the Diocesan community through an annual grant program. Since 1990, the Foundation has awarded over $4 million in grants benefiting parishes, schools, and other not-for-profit agencies throughout the Dallas Diocese.

Any Episcopal church, school, agency or other not-for-profit organization located within the Diocese of Dallas, whose work is consistent with the mission of the Foundation and the Diocese, may apply for a grant from the Foundation.

The Foundation awards grants to support the strategic mission of the Diocese of Dallas, including development of new and existing churches, schools, and ministries. The Foundation also supports organizations and programs that are focused on mission-related projects, social outreach and other creative programs that engage the Episcopal community while simultaneously strengthening our community and improving lives – especially children, and which support basic human needs in these areas:

  • Food Insecurity – organizations and social outreach programs that provide food to underserved populations
  • Homelessness – organizations that work to prevent homelessness, provide emergency shelter or temporary housing, and facilitate collaboration among service providers
  • Poverty –organizations that work to break the cycle of poverty with resources, referrals and services that strengthen families and neighborhoods.

Grants are awarded once a year. Applications are accepted beginning in February. Everything you need to apply is available on this website, including an online application. The grant application deadline is April 15. If April 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline is the next business day.


If you are considering applying for a Foundation grant, please carefully review the following items for guidance:

  • Grant Policy outlines the eligibility requirements and application process including the deadline for applying.
  • FAQ answers common questions and offers tips for preparing a successful application.
  • Recent Awards provides information on grants awarded, offering insights into the types of projects the Foundation has supported.

In addition to reviewing these items for guidance, you are also welcome to contact the Foundation to discuss the feasibility and appropriateness of requests and for assistance in completing the application.

Application Process


Part I of the online form gathers basic information about your organization.  Be prepared to provide the following information to: contact information; organization Employer Identification Number ; the year the organization was established; number of paid staff; current fiscal year total budgeted revenue and expense for the organization; prior fiscal year total actual revenue and expense for the organization; current year projected and prior year actual average Sunday attendance or numbers served, and the dollar amount of grants received from the Foundation in the past 3 years. 

Part II of the application gathers detail for the project you are specifically applying for including: a project name, total project budget, amount requested and information as to other funding sources, government grants or loans (COVID related), and the organization’s readiness to proceed with the project.  

In Part III, you will be asked to upload supporting documents directly from your computer. We request that you submit all the following documents in PDF format: 

  1. A narrative summary of your grant request (3 pages max) including a brief history and description of your organization; a description of the need or problem addressed by your grant request, the persons that will be served, plans for funding, and timing for the project. The Foundation strongly prefers projects that will be completed within one year of funding.
  2. A current year operating budget. (annual condensed budget 1- 3 pages max)
  3. Financial statements for the most recent fiscal year.
  4. Detailed budget for the project or expenditure that you are requesting a grant for.  Include supporting bids or price quotes if applicable.
  5. IRS Determination Letter.  If you are a parish or school claiming exemption under the group exemption for the Episcopal Church, you should be able to provide a letter to document inclusion in the group exemption.
  6. Grant Report for prior year grant(s) received (if applicable).

As you complete the online application, you will have the opportunity to “Save and Continue Later.”    If you choose this option, the system will generate a link for you to use to return to your application.  You must save this link.  There will be an option to email yourself a copy of the link. Please do this.  You will not be able to access or retrieve your partially completed application without the link.  Once you have completed the application and uploaded all the required supporting documents, press the “Submit” button and you will receive a confirmation screen that assures you that your application has been submitted.    

Foundation staff will contact you by email if additional information is required or to arrange a site visit.  

After the application has been reviewed by Foundation staff, it is forwarded to the Grants Committee for consideration. The Grants Committee reviews grant applications, balancing needs across the Diocese against available funds in making grant recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which makes the final decision on awards.