2022 Online Grant Application

Step 1 of 4 - Part I - Organization Details

  • Part I Organization Details

    Please note: As you complete the online application, you will have the opportunity to “Save and Continue Later.” If you choose this option, the system will generate a link for you to use to return to your application. You must save this link. There will be an option to email yourself a copy of the link. Please do this. You will not be able to access or retrieve your partially completed application without the link. Once you have completed the application and uploaded all the required supporting documents, press the “Submit” button and you will receive a confirmation screen that assures you that your application has been submitted.
  • NOTE: The application deadline is April 15.
  • Enter the Organization's Tax-ID Number also known as the Employers Identification Number (EIN)
  • Mailing Address

  • Physical Address (if different)

  • Please indicate your Organizations' relation to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas (EDOD) as: EDOD member (listed on www.edod.org as a parish, ministry or agency of the Diocese); Affiliated with EDOD (i.e.through shared ministry, leadership, origins, etc).; Faith-based unaffiliated; or None of the above. If you select "Affiliated with EDOD," please explain in the section below.
  • If you selected "Affiliated with EDOD" in the preceding question, please briefly describe your affiliation here.
  • Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) or total number of unique individuals served annually.
  • List the counties served. You can list "EDOD" if your organization serves the entire Episcopal Diocese of Dallas or "Texas" if your organization serves the entire state.
  • Primary Contact

    Please provide the name, title, phone number and email address for the Primary Contact for this grant application. This is the person authorized to receive formal correspondence regarding the grant, including grant award letters and checks.
  • Administrative Contact (if different)

    If you would like to designate someone other than the Primary Contact to be the point person for follow-up questions and/or to make arrangements for a site visit, please provide the name, title, phone number and email address for an Administrative Contact for this grant application.