Recent Awards

New in 2023.  The Foundation had long been closely related to another grant-making private foundation, the Episcopal Health Foundation of Dallas (the “Health Foundation”), with the two foundations sharing the same staff, Grant Committee, and Board of Trustees.  The Health Foundation had a separate grant cycle and its grant focus was primarily medical care in the state of Texas.  As of December 31, 2022 the Health Foundation was dissolved and its assets contributed to the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas.  As result, in 2023, the Foundation’s grant-making capacity grew significantly and the grant focus was expanded to include support for organizations that address health insecurity.

The Foundation awarded $513,000 in 2023.  $319,000 or 62% was awarded to member churches of and entities closely affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas; $91,000 or 18% was awarded to faith-based non-profits; and $103,000 or 20% was awarded to non-profits not specifically affiliated with the Diocese.

2024 Grant Statistics


Episcopal Foundation of Dallas

Total Amount Requested: $1,857,333
Number of Applicants: 105
Total Amount Awarded: $521,133
Number of Grants Awarded: 39
Range of Awards: $3,000 – $25,000

2024 Grant Awards

Since 2011 the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas and the Episcopal Health Foundation of Dallas, combined, have awarded over $6 million in grants benefiting parishes, schools, and other not-for-profit agencies throughout the Dallas Diocese.