Grant Policy

The mission of the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas is to expand the Kingdom of God through disciplined investing for transformative ministries.


  1. Applying organization must be located within the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.
  2. An organization must be either:
    i. an Episcopal church, school or program; or,ii. other charitable not-for-profit organization whose submitted program or project supports the Christian ministry and missions of the Epsicopal Foundation of Dallas and the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.
  3. Applying organization must submit proof of tax exempt status.
  4. Applying organization must submit a completed application by the application deadline. Organizations that have applied previously are still required to submit a complete application.
  5. Organizations that receive funding from the Foundation must submit a brief, final, written report detailing the results of the program/project and/or have a site visit by Foundation staff or Board member to verify the program/project before a new application will be considered. Final reports should include photographs of the project, an itemized account of expenditures and incomes, copies of published materials and announcements and a brief narrative summary of the project.


  1. Grants for the following purposes are within the Foundation’s guidelines: Capital, Equipment; Operating support; Endowments, Programs; Scholarships; Research
  2. The Foundation makes every attempt to award grants to support the various needs throughout the Diocese of Dallas, including, but not limited to, education, child development, senior services, social programs, physical development of new and existing churches and schools, health initiatives, community programs, as well as ministry development. The Foundation makes grants of varying sizes (from small to large), to new and established organizations and to applicants geographically dispersed throughout the Diocese.
  3. The Foundation may approve multi-year pledges. The Foundation may also grant a single year of funding from a multi-year request and ask that the submitting organization reapply again the next year.
  4. Organizations may submit annual requests. Those organizations that have received significant awards within the previous year may be de-prioritized so that the committee can commit resources to other priorities that did not receive funding in the past year.
  5. The Foundation usually does not make grants supporting annual fund campaigns, deficit financing, debt repayment, political activities, underwriting for fundraising activities, lobbying purposes, or direct aid to individuals unless a clear case can be made that the request supports the priorities of the Diocese of Dallas.
  6. The Foundation requires grant recipients to accurately credit the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas as the donor in any publicity or recognition efforts. In addition, the Foundation has the right to release information regarding the Foundation’s grants to its grantees to any public medium (media).


  1. Foundation staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss the feasibility and appropriateness of requests and to assist organizations throughout the application process.
  2. The completed application must be submitted online by the annual due date of April 15th. If April 15 falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, applications will be due the following Monday.
  3. Upon submittal, all application materials immediately become property of the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas.
  4. The Foundation reserves the right to request further material for an application or to conduct a site visit. These requests and visits will generally be made during April and May.
  5. Grant requests will be processed by Foundation staff. All complete, qualifying applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Grants Committee, who will make funding recommendations to the full Board of Trustees. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will review these recommendations and approve final grants in June.
  6. The Foundation will announce grants by July 1. All applicants will be notified in writing as to the amount of their grant award, if any. Award letters will include a Grant Agreement.
  7. Grant awards will not be disbursed until,
    1. Recipient has signed and returned the Grant Agreement, documenting the terms of the award, including the stated purpose for use of the funds.
    2. Recipient has submitted a final report on any previous grant monies received from the Foundation documenting that funds were expended according to the Grant Agreement.
    3. Recipient is prepared to spend the grant award for the stated purpose upon receipt of the funds.