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Episcopal Foundation of Dallas Donor-Advised Funds

An Episcopal Foundation of Dallas Donor-Advised Fund offers you a way to direct and manage your charitable contributions. A minimum irrevocable gift of $25,000 will establish your Donor-advised Fund (DAF), and allow you to make a direct impact on the causes you are most passionate about. Grants can be made to one or more organizations including parishes, schools, and other local ministries.


Greater impact with fewer administrative hurdles

Creating a fund with the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas allows you to focus your charitable giving without the burden of paperwork and grant administration.

DAF’s are similar to a family foundation but are much simpler to manage. They allow you to create a legacy after your lifetime by naming a successor to take your place as grant advisor. You may even designate an ultimate gift to the organization of your choice or create a permanent endowment using the remainder of your DAF.

When you establish your donor-advised fund, you receive an immediate tax deduction for the maximum amount allowed by law.  You can decide later which ministries or other organizations you wish to support, giving you time to research and recommend grants.  You can also grow your fund at any time.

Give with purpose

The Episcopal Foundation of Dallas can highlight opportunities in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, the surrounding North Texas communities and with local non-profit organizations whose mission and teachings align with the Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Foundation of Dallas exists to strengthen and support faith communities by partnering wise investments with purposeful giving.

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