Today in the U.S., 1 in 4 Hispanics lives below the poverty line, and compose 57% of the nations uninsured. Of all the causes of mortality and morbidity in the well-being of Hispanics in US, the leading one is cancer, yet research has shown that 42% of cases could be prevented with improved behavioral health.  This means 1 in 3 Hispanics are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 7 will die from it.

There are almost 1 million Latinas in North TX and following the ACS statistic, at least 300k of them will get cancer.  Research shows that Hispanics are more frequently under-treated than non-Hispanics. Situations like these cause Hispanics to prefer not to seek treatment or help from health professionals, and when they decide to do so, it is often too late, or the treatments are more expensive.

ROSAesROJO makes wellness and cancer prevention accessible to Hispanic women and their families. Meeting the women where they are by partnering with other nonprofit organizations, they educate them on the topics of nutrition, mental health and physical activity, using Cultural Humility and Community Care as part of their social innovation. They are leading Hispanics to live healthier lives and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, primarily cancer, among them.

As of December 2021, they have delivered 21,000+ hours of wellness education reaching over 1000 women.  Of the participants, 99% say they have maintained or improved their food options.  100% have maintained or improved mental health or physical activity.  And 80% have improved their resilience and well-being.

ROSAesROJO’S Signature Program consist of two programs.  The first, is The Rojo Way which is 20 hours of direct training, face-to-face or online, in Spanish and culturally relevant, as we know that the primary language and effective communication with our communities is vital to saving many lives when we talk about cancer and other chronic diseases.  The second program is called SuperVive.  Self-care alone can’t heal communities; our beneficiaries share their skills, resources, and gifts to support one another.

What began with a podcast and YT channel (2019), has now been piloted since April 2022 as an App with both asynchronous and synchronous content to form a virtual community to empower wellbeing. They aim to be the “go-to” platform for wellness and prevention among Hispanics.

ROSAesROJO seeks a generational impact, not temporary remedies—and when knowledge enters through women, it is more effective (World Bank 2014).  To learn more, visit their website at