The Episcopal Foundation of Dallas supports Exodus Ministries which, for over thirty years, has offered a unique program that provides residential living and support services for formerly incarcerated woman. Today they are the only program in the state that provides a supportive, residential program for women and their children.

Exodus Ministries is a faith-based organization that reunites formerly incarcerated mothers with their children, and provides the services necessary for the women to become responsible parents, productive employees, and self-sufficient citizens.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 7 out of 10 women who are incarcerated have minor children. Upon incarceration, mothers are forced to release custody of their children to a friend, family member, children’s home, or Child Protective Services. While the majority of the women want to regain custody of their children after release, few have the resources or life skills to do so.

Exodus Ministries strives to break the cycle of inter-generational crime by providing a safe, loving and structured program for mothers to reunite and bond with their children.  At the same time, they are providing the women with tools and support needed to build self-sufficient and productive lives.

Exodus has an amazing record of success.  Within three years of release from prison, less than 4% of the women recidivate.  After graduation from the program:

  • 100% are employed.
  • 95% have maintained custody of their children
  • 95% have maintained their sobriety
  • 83% have been promoted to a higher paying job or line of work
  • 58% are enrolled in college or have obtained a degree

In 2019, Exodus served 110 women and children. On average each woman has two children, and the children range in age from birth to twelve.  Learn more about Exodus Ministries and how you too, can help support their good work.

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